Nómadas Perú – Cinema in the borders.

In last years, I have joined to different social projects, developing audiovisual projects, promoting enviromental values, equality and diversity. In 2012 I have participated to this exciting volunteer project: «Nomadas Perú», financed by the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional (AECID). 

6000km in 50 days traveling in a pick-up through the Amazonia and the Andes mountains carrying a giant inflatable cinema screen for the difussion of films in the protection of the enviroment but also teaching documentary creation workshops on the borders of Perú, Bolivia and Brazil.

Fi-Sahara Film Festival – Tindouf Refugee Camps

More than 160,000 refugees have lived during 50 years at the Refugee camps in Tindouf waiting for a solution to the conflict after the occupation of Morocco in 1975. I have joined to supporting the saharui conflict in 2010 and 2012 producing media coverage through video-reports, news, photography and documentaries. 

The Western Sahara International Film Festival, «FiSahara» is an initiative to bring cinema as a form of entertainment and culture to the thousands of Sahrawis, taking place in Sahrawi refugee camps in the southwestern corner of Algeria, near the border with Western Sahara, supported by the Polisario Front.