José Medina (1989)
Canary Islands/ Based in Brussels.
«La passion du rouge, le raisonnement du bleu».

Bachelor’s degree in media and communications at UCM. In the last 10 years I have developed creative communications as director-producer, video journalist, creative, editor-cameraman in different media companies and roles. I have had the opportunity to explore the broadcast-audiovisual sector horizontally by participating in feature films, advertising, documentaries, on-line communications and TV series, participating in projects for Paramount Pictures, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Volcano films, Mediapro and European Institutions.

As video journalist I have produced breaking-news, reported current affairs, live streaming and stories for news agencies as Ruptly, NBC, Europaress, Bloomberg, CNN, RAI, TVG, NTV Russia, El País, Shutterstock, Getty Images, TVE, La Sexta and other medias. Since I moved to Brussels I have developed projects as visual creator for the European Parliament, EU Comission, Commite of the Regions, Parlamentarium and others institutions but also corporate and branding content for Proximus, Esports, Brussels Airport, Hub Brussels or Eleven Sports.

Driven by my need to learn, I have obtained a Master degree in teaching for media studies what has allowed me to be in contact with students at workshops in technical dregrees and cooperation learning-programs in South America, Western Sahara, Czech Republic, Belgium and Spain. At Onirica Belina films I have produced my own projects being selected in more than 50 international film festivals, joining with my concept-film to the Lars Von Trier crowdsourced movie «Gesamt» in Copenhaguen .

Awards and recognitions

– Notodofilmfest 2021 / Ambassador director.
– Portland Climate Change Filmfest/ USA. Best Photography.

– Quarantine Film Festival / Varna, Bulgaria: Special award
– Festival Curtmetrages Bartomeu/ Ibiza: Best shortfilm

– Canarias Catálogo 2014 Premio distribución digital 104
– Maxoarte  Fuerteventura, España: Best shortfilm
– Maxoarte Fuerteventura, España. Best doc.

– SHORTZ Film Festival / Novi Sad, Serbia.
– Cislanderus FotoWeek DC / Washintong DC, USA.
– KINOFILM International Filmfestival /Manchester, UK.
– Golden Anteaters / Lubin, Polonia
– ESMI Film Festival / Bella Vista, Argentina.
– FerFilm Festival / Ferizaj, República de Kosovo.
– Samán Festicine Festival / Viterbo, Colombia.
– Short Short Story Film Festival / Rode Island, E.E.U.U.
– Autumn ShortFilm Festival / Kentucky, E.E.U.U.
– FICT Festival Internacional de Touluca, Mexico.
– Festival de cine Andoerendando, Murcia, Spain.
– Festival Amor al Arte, Coruña, Spain.
– Festival de Cortos La Orotava / Tenerife, España
– Bombametrajes TV Fest, Madrid, Spain.
– Festival CORTOR Festival / Castellón, España.
– Imago Courts métrages ibéro-américains/ París, Francia.
– FICMA 6 International Film Festival/ Manizales, Colombia.
– Festival Órbigo Luna / León, España.
– Festival de Cine de Paracho / Michocán, México.
– Vagrant Film Festival / Minsk, Bielorrusia.
– Kastav Film Festival / Croatia.
– A long Week of Shortfilms / Shnaguai, China.


– Copenhaguen Art Festival / Denmark.
– Cineseptiembre Experimental Festival / México.
– Berlín Spanisches Film Fest / Germany.
– IVAHM International VideoArt House / España.
– BIDEODROMO Experimental / España.
– San Rafael en Corto / España.
– Festival Internacional de Cine de Lanzarote / España
– LPA International Film Festival / Gran Canaria, España.
– SREC San Rafael en Corto Festival/ Gran Canaria, España.
– Festival Internacional de Cine Solidario/ Barcelona, España.
– V Festival Victoria de Acentejo/ Tenerife, España.
– FIMEC Festival Cine Medioambiental de Canarias/ España.
– LPA International Film Festival/ Gran Canaria, España.
– Festival Dunas Fuerteventura, Spain.
– Maxoarte 2017 Fuerteventura, España. (Best Short)
– Festival Intenacional Cine a la Calle / Barranquilla, Colombia.
– Festival Cumbre Tajín / Veracruz, México.
– Somerset Community College´s Festival / Kentucky, E.E.U.U.
– Nomade International Film Festival / Montreal, Canadá.
– San Rafael en Corto / Gran Canaria, España.
– LPA International Film Festival / Gran Canaria, España.
– Shortly Week / Cádiz, España.
– FIC Gáldar / Gran Canaria, España.
– Miradas Blécker / Luxemburgo.
– IEHC Cortometrajes / Tenerife, España.